About the exhibition

The new exhibition Age of Discovery, which will be open in the National Museum – Náprstkek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures from 14th November 2013, is dedicated to the period, when Europeans started to explore the unknown world.

In the 15th century, Portuguese and later Spanish expeditions tried to find new ways to get to the fabulous treasures of the East, circumnavigated Africa and discovered the New World. These expeditions wanted to obtain exotic spices important for the flavor and food preservation, but desired also for gold and silver - precious metals, which were important for the Europe trade development. These conquest and trade expeditions were followed in the 18th century by scientific expeditions, which brought Europe the knowledge about the way of life and languages in the newly discovered regions, as well as informatik about the local flora, fauna and mineral ressources.

The exhibition presents to the visitors several interesting aspects of this turbulent age: contacts, conflicts, benefits, what European expeditions brought to the Europe and to the newly discovered lands.

The exhibition presents not only unique art objects, commodities, maps, globes and documents but also the protagonists as well as participants of this expeditions: sailors, conquerors, researchers, missionaries, slaves, pirates and native population of the discovered lands.

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